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Opportunities for Personal Development with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

Psychotherapy and Personal Development for Individuals and Couples

who are ready to

go to the next level / take the next step / make a shift / breakthough a barrier / evolve your consciouness / enhance your life / improve your relationships / let go of what's holding you back / connect with the Spiritual / ...

Private sessions facilitated by Penny Tompkins and James Lawley in Bath, Somerset cost £100.00 pus VAT for each 1.5 hour session.

Client's experiences see:

Case studies see:

Or watch a film of a complete client session, A Strange and Strong Sensation featuring Penny Tompkins and James Lawley. It includes on-screen annotation and a 36-page explanatory booklet containing a full transcript and a unique three-perspective commentary.

Self-Modelling Weekends

(previously called an "Inner Voyage" or "Personal Journey")

During the weekend you will receive individual sessions facilitated by Penny Tompkins and James Lawley within the setting of a small supportive group. In between time you will have the opportunity to draw and research symbols and words, and update your 'Metaphor Map' as new information becomes available and your Metaphor Landscape evolves.

Penny and James will facilitate you to Self-Model your personal way of being in the world and your natural way of changing so that your personal development happens organically.

A Self-Model is your personal description of how your system works rather than why it works that way. Having constructed your own Self-Model you will be in a much better position to decide what needs changing and where you need to influence yourself so that the changes you make are aligned with the natural direction of your personal evolution.

Because you are both the creator of your own Self-Model, the very act of discovering how your system works at this level often sets in train changes. These changes require further self-modelling and so the process continues to run itself.

You can use the Self-Modelling process to work with unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours so they evolve into new ways of being and doing; or you may want to enhance your sense of self; or connect with your life purpose; or discover whatever is important to you at your current stage of personal development; or ... it's up to you.

Best selling author Caroline Myss (Anatomy of Spirit, Why People Don't Heal, and Sacred Contracts) says of this work:

"The use of metaphors as a means of evaluating how you order your world, your relationships, your occupation, and interpret the experiences of your life is invaluable."

As Ernest Rossi (author of Dreams, Consciousness & Spirit, The Symptom Path to Enlightenment and The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing) puts it, the process:

"helps people learn how to facilitate their own creativity in solving their own problems in their own way."

These two-day events offer you the opportunity, within a small group setting, to discover and develop your personal 'Metaphor Map'. Becoming aware of the patterns inherent in your metaphors and how they are organised can lead to profound insight, naturally ocurring change and organic transformation.

For all enquiries, please contact:

Zannie Barrett

Tel in UK: 0845 3 31 35 31 (local rate)

International Tel/Fax: +44 845 3 31 35 31

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Updated 14 Sept 2006