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Raise Your Skill level
as a Symbolic Modelling Facilitator


Enjoy 3 days Personal development
in Normandy, FRANCE


Penny Tompkins, James Lawley, Jennifer de Gandt, Phil Swallow

(Pages en Français)

TWO 3-DAY EVENTS in 2007

Sat 30th June (eve) to Tue 3rd July

Wed 4th (eve) to Sat 7th July


To Book
Venue & Travel
Options for Attending:

  • As a Single Facilitator
  • As a Co-Facilitator
  • As part of a Coaching Triad
  • As a Client

Venue and Travel
Previous Participants Have Said

The Symbolic Modelling Retreat in a beautiful country house in Normandy follows a unique format that allows for plenty of personalised supervision from Penny and James. As well as developing professionally and personally, the format will enable you to expand your acquaintances in the clean community, enjoy the refreshing swimming pool, and improve your French at the same time!

Places are limited to 10 English-speaking participants per event supervised by Penny and James. There will be a parallel French-speaking event run by Jennifer and Phil. The format uses a unique learning cycle: you work with a client; you get personal supervision during or immediately after the session; you apply your learning in the next client session a few hours later; you get more supervision and the cycle continues.  Over the years we have found this format accelerates your professional skills as well as your personal development. It truly is an amazing and enjoyable experience.

Supervision on this event counts toward NLPtCA accreditation, and many coaching association requirements.


Single event

£470.00 + VAT


Both events (15% off)

£800.00 + VAT



Prices include shared accommodation at a lovely Gite and all food during the event(s). The food is plentiful, and to a high-standard. If you want to arrange your own accommodation (at your expense), we will be happy to provide you with names and numbers of local hotels and Chambre d'hôte.

It is highly recommended that you stay for the entire week and enjoy the benefits of taking both client and (co)-facilitator roles.


Please complete the booking form below and enclose a cheque for a non-refundable deposit made payable to 'The Developing Company' for:

£100.00 (includes VAT) for one event

£150.00 (includes VAT) for both events

The balance is due by 1st May, 2007.

We will confirm your place when you book. Unless you have agreed your therapy/coaching partner(s) in advance, the precise arrangement of facilitators/clients/coaches cannot be determined until nearer the event when we know who is attending.

Download a PDF Booking Form or click here for an HTML version.


You are welcome to attend either as a:

- Single Facilitator (facilitating one client over 3 days)

- Co-Facilitator (one of two facilitators working as a pair with a client)

- Client (wishing to dedicate three days to your personal development)

- Member of a Coaching Triad (coaching and being coached by your peers).


To be a Single Facilitator you will have:

  • attended a minimum of 10 days training in Symbolic Modelling
  • a high degree of fluency with all of the Clean Language questions
  • experience of facilitating clients with the 'Frameworks for Change' and Clean Space.
  • at least 20 hours experience of facilitating clients with Symbolic Modelling

Per event, each facilitator will receive (approximately):

  • over 8 hours working 1-to-1 with the same client
  • 5 hours of observation, supervision and coaching by Penny and James
  • 4 hours of group sessions for facilitators only.


You can also attend as a Co-Facilitator (one of two facilitators working as a pair with a client) if you meet the above criteria, and want to benefit from co-modelling and discussing the structure of your client's Metaphor Landscape with a co-facilitator.

As a facilitator or co-facilitator, you might want to consider:

- bringing your own client to work with over the 3 days
- participating as a client at one event and facilitator at the other event
- recommending the event to a person who would benefit by participating as a client.


If you do not have enough experience to be a single facilitator, you can to be part of a Coaching Triad where each person co-coaches for two days (supervised by Penny and James) and is a client for one day. You will need to have:

  • attended a minimum of 10 days training in Symbolic Modelling
  • a high degree of fluency with all of the Clean Language questions
  • experience of facilitating clients with the 'Frameworks for Change' and Clean Space
  • less than 20 hours experience facilitating clients with Symbolic Modelling.


Think of having an experienced personal facilitator (or maybe even two) dedicated to your development for 3 days who will use a process called Symbolic Modelling.

Symbolic Modelling is a new way of thinking about the change process. At its heart is Clean Language, a profoundly respectful questioning process developed by internationally acclaimed therapist David Grove.

Symbolic Modelling will help you to become familiar with your personal metaphors and symbols ("I'm going round in circles," "I feel empty," "I've lost my connection to the spiritual") so you discover new ways of perceiving yourself, your relationships and your world. When you use metaphor to describe your inner experience you are revealing something uniquely personal and meaningful. A metaphor is like a hologram, it contains the essence of the whole person; and as your metaphors change, so your behaviour, thoughts and feelings will change as well. Your facilitator will ask you Clean Language Questions so that you can self-model your desired outcome for change, establish what needs to happen for this change to take place naturally within your Metaphor Landscape, and find out what happens next...

Over these three days you will have eight 1-hour one-to-one sessions with your facilitator using Symbolic Modelling and Clean Space. This work will be closely supervised by Penny and James. In between you will have time to contemplate the changes you are making, complete your assignments, rest, swim, and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of Lyons la Fôret, Normandy, France.

There are places for 4 English-speaking clients on each event.


The event takes place at Jennifer's beautiful home and training centre near Lyons la Forêt in Normandy, less than 200 miles from London.  Accommodation is in a lovely Gite nearby and all meals are provided.

For a map, click here or enter: La Bouvetiere, France into

It is easy to drive to Normandy by taking a ferry or the Channel Tunnel.

The Chunnel takes only 30 minutes, and we may be able to provide a discount for the journey. The 2.5 hour drive from Calais to the venue is lovely and mostly on empty toll roads.

Or you can take a ferry to Calais, Boulogne, Dieppe, Cherbourg or Caen.

You can take the EuroStar from London to Paris. From Paris you can take the train from Gare St Lazare to Gisors (approx. 75 mins) and we can order a taxi for you from Gisors station.

Or you can fly to Paris (Charles de Gaulle airport is the most convenient), and either rent-a-car (90 minutes drive); or take the RER into Paris (then see directions above).

Participants often travel together and share costs. (Please let us know on the booking form if you are happy to share travel costs/cars with other people.)


"The way you've supported me was absolutely what I needed."

"A wonderful 3 days in an outstanding environment with some very special people."

"Thank you for all the careful thought and planning which ensured a powerful, valuable experience."

"Nice to have time for yourself as a client. There is time for reflection. It was respectful, letting happen what needs to happen. Good organisation and clear structure. It was very helpful to have my Facilitator give me client assignments."

"Wow! What a journey the last 3 days as a client has been. I have reached my objectives 90%"

To read a previous participant's experience of this event, see the article:A Heart That Knows

BOOKING FORM: Download a PDF Booking Form or click here for an HTML version.

We look forward to seeing you in July!

The only book
dedicated to
David Grove's
Clean Space

Insights in Space

James Lawley
& Marian Way

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