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Services offered by
Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

Psychotherapy - personal facilitation by either Penny or James (or both of us). Currently we are based in North West London. We also conduct sessions by skype.

Self-modelling weekends - receive individual sessions facilitated by us within the setting of a small supportive group.

Supervision for individuals or in a small group. Open to therapists, counsellors, coaches and others who facilitate individuals or couples.

The Developing Group - For those trained and using this work we lead a regular exploration of topics related to the work of David Grove. Venue is in London.

Read about us and The Developing Company.

Find out where we are training in the Calendar of Events. Developing Company events are highlighted in yellow but most of the training we do is for other companies. Our next trainings are:

To contact us please use the web form.

The one and only
book about
Clean Space

Insights in Space:
How to use Clean Space to solve problems, generate ideas and spark creativity

James Lawley &
Marian Way

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