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Articles about metaphor and how they are used in the Clean world.

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Advanced metaphor

Introductory <- click for article details

The Magic of Metaphor

Penny Tompkins & James Lawley 2002
Coaching with Metaphor

Penny Tompkins & James Lawley 2006
Like a kid in a sweet shop

Mike Duckett 2006
Mind, Metaphor and Health

Penny Tompkins & James Lawley 2002
Metaphors of Organisation part 1

James Lawley 2001
Learning Metaphors

Penny Tompkins & James Lawley 2000
Meta, Milton, Metaphor: Models of Subjective Experience

Penny Tompkins & James Lawley 1997
Cutting Edge Metaphors

Tamsin Hartley 2012
The Secret Life of Metaphor

James Geary 2011
Metaphor the body and healing

Penny Tompkins & James Lawley 2011
Advanced metaphor <- click for article details

Using Metaphors with Coaching

Angela Dunbar 2006
Tangled Spaghetti in My Head: Making use of metaphor

Penny Tompkins, Wendy Sullivan & James Lawley 2005
How to create a 'clean' company

John Martin 2002
Metaphors of Organisation part 2

James Lawley 2001
Healings: 7 case-studies

Richard Siegel 1999
Figurative Language Examined: Metaphors, Symbols and Related Concepts

Cei Davies Linn 1997
Metaphor & Symbolic Modelling For Coaches

Carol Wilson 2004
A Moment in Metaphor

Philip Harland 2001
Role of Metaphor in Recovery from Trauma

Susan Lien Whigham 2006
Healing Embodied Metaphors

Donna Weber 2002

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