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About David Grove

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Obituary of David Grove (1950-2008)
By Dafanie Goldsmith | Published 01 06 2008
About David Grove
Obituary of David John Grove. First published in NZAC Counselling Today, June 2008. Written by Dafanie Goldsmith.
David Grove: a profile (2004)
By David Grove | Published 01 04 2004
About David Grove
A profile of David Grove written in April 2004
Citations and Research
A list of research academic and professional articles, papers, thesis and books that have made use of the ideas of David Grove.

And, what kind of a man is David Grove?
By David Grove | Published 01 08 1996
About David Grove

David Grove has developed a unique way of working with the symbolic nature of our inner worlds. He is continually expanding and refining his approach as he discovers more about the faculty of humans to represent their deepest experiences as metaphor. Soaking in a hot tub, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley interview David beneath a star-spangled Lake District sky.

Six Degrees of David Grove
By Judy Rees | Published 01 04 2006
About David Grove
It was always going to be an adventure — the first interview maverick therapeutic genius David Grove had given since 1996. So maybe it wasn't surprising to find myself dangling upside-down in a dark, sub-zero November car park on a psycho-active fairground ride. Maybe I should have expected another result, too: massive personal change at the deepest level. That's what I got.
Modelling: A tribute to Simon and David
By Sue Knight | Published 25 05 2002
About David Grove , About Modelling
Modelling takes many forms and is an attitude of admiration and curiosity and the will to do what it takes to discover what makes the difference between excellent performance and merely average.
Foreword to The Work and Life of David Grove
Foreword to The Work and Life of David Grove: Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge By Carol Wilso, published by Troubador Publishing Ltd. 2017.
David Grove and Clean Language A Tribute
By Eve Meneze Cunningham | Published 01 04 2008
About David Grove
The creator of Clean Language and the inspiration behind James Lawley and Penny Tompkins' Metaphors in the Mind, David Grove’s recent death has saddened people across the globe. This is a selection of tributes to him published in Rapport Magazine, Spring 2008.
An Evening with David Grove 1999
By Simon Stanton | Published 03 02 1999
About David Grove
It could have been just another Wednesday evening Clean Language practice group ... but then David Grove arrived! What follows is an account of David's wonderful demonstrations and description of the basic tenets of Clean Language.
Newsletter of David Grove - August 1997
By Cei Davies Linn | Published 01 08 1997
About David Grove
The Retreat Centre was an occasional newsletter produced by Cei Davies on behalf of David Grove while they were establishing two healing retreat centers, one in Eldon, Missouri, USA and the other in the Lake District, Cumbria, UK.

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