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David Grove

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About David Grove <- click for article details

Obituary of David Grove (1950-2008)

Dafanie Goldsmith 2008
David Grove: a profile (2004)

David Grove 2004
Citations and Research

James Lawley 2009
And, what kind of a man is David Grove?

David Grove 1996
Six Degrees of David Grove

Judy Rees 2006
Modelling: A tribute to Simon and David

Sue Knight 2002
Foreword to The Work and Life of David Grove

Penny Tompkins & James Lawley 2017
David Grove and Clean Language A Tribute

Eve Meneze Cunningham 2008
An Evening with David Grove 1999

Simon Stanton 1999
Newsletter of David Grove - August 1997

Cei Davies Linn 1997
Newsletter of David Grove - November 1997

Cei Davies Linn 1997
Articles by Grove <- click for article details

Emergent Knowledge and Clean Coaching

David Grove 2005
Six Degrees of Freedom: Intuitive Problem Solving with Emergent Knowledge

David Grove 2005
Philosophy and Principles of Clean Language

David Grove 1998
Clean Space: the first workshop 2002

David Grove 2002
Problem Domains And Non-Traumatic Resolution Through Metaphor Therapy

David Grove 1998
Lisa's Tapestry - A Quadrant II Intervention

David Grove 1989
Paul's Fear - Quadrant IV Intervention

David Grove 1998
Pins & Needles: a Quadrant II case study

David Grove 1990
David Grove: Bibliography of publications (1987-1992)

David Grove 2003
David Grove: summary of ideas (as of 2003)

David Grove 2003
David Grove: history of work 1980-2004

David Grove 2004

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