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Research & Interviewing

Citations and Research
A list of research academic and professional articles, papers, thesis and books that have made use of the ideas of David Grove.

Clean & Emergent Research Group
A summary of the topics covered at the Clean & Emergent Research Group since its inception in 1999. Plus links to related resources.
Using Symbolic Modelling as a Research & Interview Tool

Clean Evaluative Interviewing
A research project will use Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language to discover how coachees evaluate their experience of coaching. This paper explorers the methodology required and  gives guidelines for anyone wanting to undertake a ‘clean evaluative interview’ (CEI).

Modelling Shared Reality: avoiding unintended influence in qualitative research
Modelling Shared Reality is a new qualitative research methodology which is rooted in Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling. It minimizes  undesired influence of the researcher during all stages of the research: design, interviews, analysis and reporting. The methodology is action oriented: both the process and the results function as a catalyst for action, behavioural and organizational change.

Protocols used in Coachee, Coach and Expert Evaluation Research
Modelling the Written Word
This paper describe and give examples of the many kinds of written word we have modelled. These include: Single statements/questions; Questionnaires; Letters to staff; Transcripts of 1:1 therapy/coaching; Exemplar Modelling; First-person accounts; Academic research interviews; Processes/Techniques; Shared or Group Reality.

Clean Language in Peace and Reconciliation Work
Examples of using Clean Language to research and facilitate the experiences of a number of groups dealing with the legacy of the violent conflict in Northern Ireland, including several community groups in Belfast, former members of the British Army, the IRA and Loyalist paramilitaries.

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