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By James Lawley | 17 02 2011
I am currently reading, and thoroughly enjoying, The Master and his Emissary by Iain McGilchrist. He quotes George Steiner, the American literary critic, on Heidegger's concept of Ent-sprechen. Ent-sp...
By James Lawley | 01 02 2011
New Scientist has a regular feature called ‘The Big Idea’. In the current issue, Mary Midgley (who describes herself as a freelance moral philosopher) has an excellent article on the role of metap...
By James Lawley | 31 01 2011
Often the way we use our self-awareness does not help our personal development. Individually or socially. I want to discuss a subject Penny Tompkins and I have been interested in since the first NLP P...
By James Lawley | 29 01 2011
In Survival of the Sickest, Sharon Moalem examines the role of disease in the survival of populations. In doing so he highlights a number of features of evolution:The system that filters one [change] ...
By James Lawley | 29 01 2011
I've just read a fascinating book: Survival of the Sickest: The surprising connections between disease and longevity by Sharon Moalem [1]. The question Moalem sets out to answer is: "Hereditary disord...
By James Lawley | 24 01 2011
“According to new work from researchers at the University of Bristol in England, it is not  our peers’ successes that stick with us, but their failures” so says Nikhil Swaminathan in the curren...
By James Lawley | 21 01 2011
I just read Dan Gardner's Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear. Below I've reproduced his conclusion (pp. 354-357). The numbers in square brackets refer to my comments given further down the page:We...
By James Lawley | 15 01 2011
In his paper on robustness and fragility, Taleb identifies what makes us Black Swan prone. Debt is his first villain. His second is the complexity of the modern world which, since the 1980s and the in...
By James Lawley | 13 01 2011
Continuing with Taleb's treatise on robustness and fragility:"After the crisis, people asked me what we should be doing. The logical conclusion is to stay as far away as possible from certain exposure...
By James Lawley | 12 01 2011
I'm continuing with yesterday's application of Nassim Nicholas Taleb's ideas on robustness and fragility to the human mind. Taleb says:"There is an environment that creates Black Swan problems; a ma...
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