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By James Lawley | 19 06 2011
L. Michael Hall asked me to write a preface for his latest book, Benchmarking Intangibles: The Art of Measuring Quality, and here it is. Preface We assess, compare and judge against standards hundreds...
By James Lawley | 18 06 2011
To get to know my wife I needed to understand the many pithy metaphors and sayings familiar to Texans but were incomprehensible to an Englishman. I quickly realised it was easier to learn when to say ...
By James Lawley | 13 06 2011
In her recent newsletter Gina Campbell of responded to the following question: Research repeatedly confirms that the most important aspect of therapy, after a client's readines...
By James Lawley | 11 06 2011
Over the years I have worked with a number of clients who held a variation of the belief: If it's easy it’s meant to be. For many it follows that: If it's hard it's not meant to be.  Some people ...
By James Lawley | 10 06 2011
Following on from yesterday's blog on stochastic tinkering, how likely is it that the client will need to go beyond Symbolic Modelling Lite? Less likely than you might think. Rarely will they need to ...
By James Lawley | 09 06 2011
 Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan believes that innovation, both of knowledge and technology, is mostly driven by "stochastic tinkering". Even though it is mostly described after the f...
By James Lawley | 04 04 2011
Judy Baker loaned me Into the Life of Things: An exploration of language though verbal dynamics by Christabel Burniston and Jocelyn Bell, published in 1972. The book is designed to help teach English ...
By James Lawley | 02 04 2011
A participant on a recent Symbolic Modelling course in Australia asked me:I observed that you maintain much less eye contact with participants at certain parts of your facilitation. Can I ask, are you...
By James Lawley | 07 03 2011
Two interesting facts about language reported by Iain McGilchrist in The Master and his Emissary may have relevance to some of the more unusual aspects of Clean Language, especially as David Grove pra...
By James Lawley | 18 02 2011
In The Master and his Emissary, Iain McGilchrist cites research into the neurological substrate involved when we gaze with someone. When we attend to an object we re-cognise it in the left hemisphere....
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