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We would like construct a comprehensive archive of all materials produced by David Grove.

All the publications listed below are out of print.

If you can add any information to this list, or can provide any original material to the David Grove Archive, please contact James and Penny.

See also:

Articles by David Grove on this site

Publications that make use of David Grove's ideas

Resolving Traumatic Memories : Grasping the nettle - cultivating a companionable past :

Competency based training for mental health professionals.

(David Grove Seminars, 1987 and 1988)

- workbook (26 page version, 1987)
- workbook (88 page version, 1987)
- workbook (44 page version, 1988)

Healing The Wounded Child Within

Competency Based Training for Health Professionals

(David Grove Seminars, Edwardsville, IL. 1988)

- workbook (52 page version)

- workbook (59 page version)

Healing The Wounded Child Within

Participatory Cassette Training Program

(David Grove Seminars, Edwardsville, IL. 1989)

- 8 x audio cassettes

- workbook

- 9th audio cassette (Information guide for clients)

Resolving Feelings of Anger Guilt and Shame

(David Grove Seminars, Edwardsville, IL. Date of Publication:
October 30, 1989)

- 90 minute VHS video, "Tapestry"

- 4 x audio cassette tapes

- workbook (55 pages)

Personal Journeys: meditation and self healing exercises

(David Grove, November 30, 1989)

- 4 x audio cassette tapes:

Meditation exercises for personal discover and growth:

* I, Me, You

*Discovering Your Child Within

* How do you know you know

* Letting Go

Self-healing exercises for exploring your own inner healing:

* Resolving a Traumatic Memory or Nightmare

* Words that wound

* Relieving Psychosomatic Pain/Headaches

* Transforming Performance Anxiety

Resolving Traumatic Memories: Metaphors and Symbols in Psychotherapy.

co-written with Basil Panzer

(Irvington, New York, October 15, 1989) ISBN: 0829024077

The back of the book states:

The back inside flap says:

David J. Grove, M.S., received his graduate degree in counseling. During 1985, Mr. Grove organized and convened the International Symposium on Stress and Anxiety for the London Phobic Trust for which he was a consultant. His work in 1986 included presentations in Imagery at training seminars for the London, England Society for Ericksonian Hypnosis and since 1987 he has taught over 20,000 therapists in the USA and England in his seminars Resolving Traumatic memories, Healing the Wounded Child Within, Clean Language and Therapeutic Metaphors, and other presentations to mental health professionals. Although he has done considerable work with Ericksonian and strategic family therapies,his own work has focused on developing linguistically-based techniques that enable therapists to access information contained in primary process language and to facilitate experiential changes in non-cognitive learning.

B.I. Panzer, PhD., earned his doctorate in psychology from The University of Southern California. Now residing in London, England, he supervises psychotherapists and, in private practice, specializes in brief, solution oriented psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.


A second version without the cassettes was published in 2001 by Irvington, New York. ISBN: 0829024174

The book has been translated into German:

Grove, David J. & B. I. Panzer (1992) Trauma Heilen: Metaphern und Symbole in der Psychotherapie Freiburg, Germany: Verlag für Angewandte Kinesiologie. pp. 305.

Metaphors to Heal By : a study course in epistemological metaphors.

(David Grove, November 30, 1989)

- 4 x 90 min VHS videos:


"Boiling Pot"

"Rape, Rape"

"Daddy's Special Date"

Metaphors to Heal By

Competency Based Training for Health Professionals

(David Grove Seminars, Edwardsville, IL. 1989)

- Workbook

In The Presence of the Past

Certification program: Module 1

(David Grove Seminars, Eldon, MO. 1991)

- VHS video NTSC, "Jesse"

- 4 x audio cassettes

- workbook

Reweaving a Companionable Past

Certification program: Module 2

(David Grove Seminars, Eldon, MO. 1992)

- 6 x audio cassettes

- workbook

And Death Shall Have No Dominion

Certification program: Module 3

(David Grove Seminars, Eldon, MO. 1992)

- 6 x audio cassettes

- workbook

An Emergent Knowledge Workbook: towards the work of David Grove - The Space of C.

Unpublished manuscript. April 2005.

David Grove
Until his untimely death in 2008 David innovated numerous therapeutic methods and he conducted training seminars in the USA, UK, France and in his country of origin New Zealand. In 1989 he co-authored with B.I. Panzer, Resolving Traumatic Memories: Metaphors and Symbols in Psychotherapy. He was the originator Clean Language, Clean Space, Emergent Knowledge and a host of other processes.
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