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Table 1 shows the evaluations for the 5 triads involving 10 observed coaching sessions.

a = Client's rating for value of session to them.
b = Coach's estimate of client's rating (a)
c = Observer's estimate of client's rating (a)

d = Observer's rating of coach's clean coaching skills
e = Coach's estimate of observers' rating (d)

f = Coach's rating for quality of the session

 a  b  c
 Coach    f  d
 Observer    e  

Table 1: Ratings by Clients, Coaches and Expert-Observers

Table of results


Table 2: Clients' criteria used to assess the value of the session

Criteria collated into three categories:
Effect on self
Relationship with coach
Other coaching skills
Note: The italics has been added by the authors to indicate why category was chosen.

  • New insights.
  • Some ‘aha’ moments.
  • I like to feel [I've] have had insights.
  • New information came out.

  • Do I feel I have a clearer idea of what I want and what the current state is?
  • I now have a clearer idea of what is happening and how I can go forward.
  • Did I feel clearer?
  • Had clarification of what I needed to do and a check on whether I would actually do it.
  • Helped me clarify and develop my outcome.
  • The importance of the situation is now more obvious.
  • The things that are combining to perpetuate the present situation are more developed and understandable.

  • Changes in the metaphorical representation.
  • Changes in my inner response.
  • Paper mapping provided different perspective.
  • I “renovated” - reframed two [of my] coaching programs into a new offer for 2015.
  • Disconnected a big value criterion.

  • I like to feel like I’ve made progress
  • The movement towards what I want out of the session.
  • Learned something about ‘system’ outcome.

  • Support in identifying actions that feel appealing and potentially useful.
  • This is also something I can develop with [name].
  • I feel I have something I can take away of use that will make a difference
  • Confidence in following thru on identified actions.
  • Able to take action on my outcome.
  • Had actions to do what felt correct.

  • Resonates with things which have come up before.
  • My resources from the past are memorable now and can be used in the future.

  • The importance of the topic that I was working on (the value to me).

  • Sense of permission to explore.
  • Sense of acceptance that I could explore whatever I wanted to explore.
  • How safe I felt in the session to say what I wanted to say.

  • Attention of coach on my words and actions.
  • Level of presence of the coach.
  • Would have liked to feel more presence from the coach.

  • Rapport with coach.
  • Did facilitator feel sympathetic

  • Coach was a valuable asset in this.
  • The fluidity/flow of the session.
  • Did not write so session flowed.
  • Necessary conditions to ‘feel’
  • [Getting to a] Decision point, gut-mind together.
  • Clean Space modelling of 1st step provided valuable information.
  • The extent that the coach could distinguish between problem and desired outcome
  • Responsiveness and useful directing of attention.
  • When had to answer questions that did not feel relevant/or clean that detracted from the session
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