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The following examples of joining up David Grove's work were tried by members of the Developing Group:

Domain/Language Model-Level Join Up
Po6 or CS
develop a metaphor with CL (for all or part of the output of the Po6/CS process).

Po6 or CS -> [change happens]
mature the change with CL

CL to develop a metaphor
Po6 or CS using a drawing of the metaphor as [B]

Vector-Level Join Up
CS start
develop a sequence using CL in one space
CS continue

CL to develop a metaphor landscape
physicalise the landscape
CS within/outside the landscape
CL to finish

Po6 iteration
use PRO model on the final statement
Po6 iteration on desired outcome

starting with last answer, establish a CS network
end with Po6 when returned to Position 1 for the last time.

CS to establish a network
develop part of network with CL into a metaphor
continue with CS incorporating the metaphor
Find a space that knows about [o/c].
continue with CS

Po6  [Final answer included a desire to know about shoulders and feet.]
Find a place that [shoulders] know about.        Note unusual formulation.
6x What do shoulders know?
Find a place that knows about [feet].
6x What do feet know?
Now what do you know?
Find a place that knows about shoulders and feet.
6x What do shoulders and feet know?
Now what do you know?
What difference ...?

Where would you like to be?
What would you like to have happen?
Anything else you would like to have happen? x 5
Find a space that knows about all that.
What do you know about that [first location]?
What does this space know about that?
Anything else you know from here about that?
Return to there [first location].
Carry on with CL.

CL to develop [Present/Problem state]
found a number of spaces that knew about [Problem]
Find a space that knows what you would like to have happen in relation to [Problem]
continue with CL

Thanks to everyone who attended and took part in the testing and extending of the model.

James Lawley

James LawleyJames Lawley offers psychotherapiy to individuals and couples, and coaching, research and consultancy to organisations. He is a co-developer of Symbolic Modelling and co-author (with Penny Tompkins) of Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling, (with Marian Way) Insights in Space: How to use Clean Space to solve problems, generate ideas and spark creativity and an Online training in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling. For a more detailed biography see about us and his blog.

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