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image of DVD case front cover
A Developing Company Press Production

    "A Strange and Strong Sensation"

Symbolic Modelling
- Change with Metaphor

A training DVD featuring
Penny Tompkins and James Lawley

USA and Canada: from:  Crown House Publishing
UK & elsewhere:   from:  Anglo American Book Company

Advances in contemporary psychology have matched recent breakthroughs in the science of self-organising systems and complexity theory. This video offers coaches, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals an opportunity to experience the benefits now available through these innovations.

Symbolic Modelling is a new way of thinking about the change process. At its heart is Clean Language, a profoundly respectful questioning process developed by internationally acclaimed therapist David Grove.This training video accompanies Penny and James' book, Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling. It contains a film of a complete Symbolic Modelling session with on-screen annotation. The client discovers her personal metaphors and symbols and learns how these weave together to form a Metaphor Landscape. She is facilitated to identify the conditions necessary for organic change within this Landscape, so that new ways of perceiving herself and her world emerge. 4 months after the video session, the client commented:

"Things are much calmer, more settled and more in my control. I have a stronger sense of my own identity. I know where I am and what my place is. So that's been very, very nice for me."

image of DVD and booklet


1 min.

Client session (annotated)

48 mins

Client's comments:

 - immediately after

3 mins

 - 4 months later

6 mins

Information and credits

2 mins

Total time

60 mins

This film helps you follow the client's process by highlighting her key metaphors on-screen so that you can see how they arise and how they change. 

The DVD has 19 Chapters allowing you to go to any part of the process directly.

To download a free 36-page booklet with a full transcript and unique three-perspective explanatory annotation click below:
PDF Booklet

Or see a sample annotated transcript.

List price:
£25.00 (Pounds Sterling, plus VAT in UK)


Phil Swallow


Wendy Sullivan


Peter McAven

Published by:

The Developing Company Press, March 2003.

ISBN 978-0-9538751-2-2
(previously 0-9538751-2-1)

Penny Tompkins & James Lawley
Penny and James are supervising neurolinguistic psychotherapists – first registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy in 1993 – coaches in business, certified NLP trainers, and founders of The Developing Company.

They have provided consultancy to organisations as diverse as GlaxoSmithKline, Yale University Child Study Center, NASA Goddard Space Center and the Findhorn Spiritual Community in Northern Scotland.

Their book,
Metaphors in Mind
was the first comprehensive guide to Symbolic Modelling using the Clean Language of David Grove. An annotated training DVD, A Strange and Strong Sensation demonstrates their work in a live session. James has also written (with Marian Way) the first book dedicated to Clean Space: Insights in Space. Between them Penny and James have published over 200 articles and blogs freely available on their website:
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The only book
dedicated to
David Grove's
Clean Space

Insights in Space

James Lawley
& Marian Way

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