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How to purchase Books, DVDs, Cards and other resources about all things clean.

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Competence Criteria Level I
By James Lawley | Published 30 07 2011
Books DVDs etc
Criteria for Competence as a Clean Facilitator – Level I. 
The Remote and Extended Credit Assessment Process.  
Assessor Criteria and list of Assessors.
DVD Clean Training Modules 1-4
By Wendy Sullivan | Published 01 11 2010
Books DVDs etc

Book Five Minute Coach
Whether you make The Five-Minute Coach your coaching method of choice or you use it as an add-on to your existing way of coaching you will be astounded by the results. And you’ll make even more of a contribution if you integrate clean questions into your everyday conversations so that asking them becomes a natural way of supporting people to trust their own counsel. It is only then that you will discover the true value of this book.

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clean language

James Lawley and
Penny Tompkins

16-18 June 2017

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