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By James Lawley | 25 08 2011
Having referred to Evolution’s Arrow in my last blog, and having used  same imagery in Metaphors in Mind (borrowed from Ken Wilber) to describe the “developmental, progressive nature of Nature, w...
By James Lawley | 08 08 2011
I recently rediscovered John Stewart's Evolution's Arrow: The direction of evolution and the future of humanity (The Chapman Press, 2000). The whole book is available as a free download from: pespmc1....
By James Lawley | 07 08 2011
I found an old email from 1997 in which Penny Tompkins replies to Bernard Frit ( about Clean Language's use with addictions. I thought it was worth posting both because the con...
By James Lawley | 30 07 2011
Below is an detailed exchange about modelling criteria. Criteria are the principles, values or standard by which something may be judged or decided. Since all behaviour involves some kind of decision-...
By James Lawley | 29 07 2011
Here's a tip for getting loads out of a transcript of a client-facilitator session or an interviewer-interviewee recording, especially if you are seeking to model the pattern of facilitator/interviewe...
By James Lawley | 26 07 2011
Since my last blog I've reflected on subtle differences in some Clean Space instructions. For example, note the differences between: Find a space that knows ... Find a space that knows about ... Find ...
By James Lawley | 21 07 2011
An experienced practitioner of clean approaches recently asked: Today I did a Clean Space process with a coachee. At a certain point he talked from a space about the possible source of that space. Wor...
By James Lawley | 14 07 2011
Having studied hundreds of Clean Language sessions Penny Tompkins and I have concluded that experienced facilitators make maximal use of just four fundamental modelling processes: Identify, Develop Fo...
By James Lawley | 19 06 2011
L. Michael Hall asked me to write a preface for his latest book, Benchmarking Intangibles: The Art of Measuring Quality, and here it is. Preface We assess, compare and judge against standards hundreds...
By James Lawley | 18 06 2011
To get to know my wife I needed to understand the many pithy metaphors and sayings familiar to Texans but were incomprehensible to an Englishman. I quickly realised it was easier to learn when to say ...
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