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By James Lawley | 21 12 2011
Self-nudging is a way to encourage yourself to take ‘the road less traveled’ more often until it becomes ‘the road mostly travelled’. It doesn’t do this by solving problems, nor by eliminati...
By James Lawley | 12 12 2011
Download a print-friendly version 2011-12-12_Tracking_where_clients_perceive_from.pdfThis is the fourth and last part of my general feedback to advanced facilitators. (See here for the other parts.) ...
By James Lawley | 11 12 2011
The third of four parts of my general feedback to advanced clean facilitators. (See here for the other parts.)  3. Not making decisions for the clientSuppose a client says: I can either stop and stay...
By James Lawley | 10 12 2011
Following on from yesterday's blog about questions I frequently ask trainee facilitators, my second of four muses produced a table of things facilitators tend to do too early – and what to do instea...
By James Lawley | 09 12 2011
I recently listened to a dozen participants on the Clean Change Company Module 5 by Skype program use their Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language skills to each facilitate a 20 minute client session. ...
By James Lawley | 04 12 2011
My foreword to the just published The NLP Professional by Karen Moxom (Ecademy, 2011):I remember as a young man going for an interview and being asked “What comes to mind when you think of the word ...
By James Lawley | 18 11 2011
I was running on Hampstead Heath this morning when into my consciousness popped two familiar ideas placed side by side. It was one of those times when something that had never occurred to me before su...
By James Lawley | 27 10 2011
Daniel Kahneman, emeritus professor of psychology and of public affairs at Princeton University and a winner of the 2002 Noble Prize in Economics has written a fascinating article for the New York Ti...
By James Lawley | 19 10 2011
A recent New York Times article* reviewed a subject that is beginning to gain credibility in the psychological sciences, pathological altruism. Natalie Angier reports how Dr Robert Burton, author of O...
By James Lawley | 18 10 2011
I was alerted in a recent Clean News (signup here) to an important paper by Paul Thibodeau and Lera Boroditsky of the Department of Psychology at Stanford University, Metaphors We Think With: The...
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