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Phil Swallow & Wendy Sullivan

Wendy Sullivan and Phil Swallow have trained Symbolic Modelling and Clean Language in the UK, France and South Africa. Wendy is a Speech and Language Therapist and certified NLP trainer. She works with individuals and teams as a coach, trainer and therapist. Phil has worked with Clean Language in Italian, French, Spanish and English. He is a Master Practitioner of NLP and a trainer and practises therapy and coaching in London and the West Country
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Whose map is it anyway?
Once we accept that we always affect a person with whom we interact, we can also realise that there are many ways to avoid clumsily trampling over another's map and even attempting to re-write it for them.

Clean Space


Marian Way

James Lawley

July 13-14 2017
London, UK

An exquisitely simple
and innovative
facilitation process.
Discover how to
use space as
your co-facilitator.

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