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John Martin

John joined the Open University Systems Discipline in 1973 with a PhD on visual illusions. He has contributed to many courses including a popular MBA creativity course. More recently he chaired the first Web-based Systems course and wrote the 'Practical Thinking' course. Metaphor is emerging as a connecting thread in his work. See John's OU home page.
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How to create a 'clean' company
I ran a workshop at the 10th International Anti-Corruption Conference held in Prague in October 2001: "How to create a 'clean' company" i.e. one run in such a way that the risk of corruption is prevented. The workshop was designed for the strongly multi-cultural setting, and the metaphors generated were sometimes much richer than those one might meet in a workshop with UK nationals.

Clean Space


James Lawley
& Marian Way

July 26-28
in London

Part 1: Clean Space
with Individuals

Part 2: Clean Space
for Groups

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