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Annemiek van Helsdingen & James Lawley

Annemiek has a Masters Degree in Engineering Management / Business Engineering (TU Enschede) and is partner at Gewoon aan de slag - Change Facilitators, Amersfoort, Netherlands

James is an independent researcher and partner in The Developing Company in the UK,
Articles by this Author
Modelling Shared Reality: avoiding unintended influence in qualitative research
Modelling Shared Reality is a new qualitative research methodology which is rooted in Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling. It minimizes  undesired influence of the researcher during all stages of the research: design, interviews, analysis and reporting. The methodology is action oriented: both the process and the results function as a catalyst for action, behavioural and organizational change.

Clean Space


Marian Way

James Lawley

July 13-14 2017
London, UK

An exquisitely simple
and innovative
facilitation process.
Discover how to
use space as
your co-facilitator.

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