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Assessor Criteria

To demonstrate competence at assessing trainees (against the Level I Clean facilitator criteria), giving suitable feedback, and managing the assessment process.


Have demonstrated a high-level of facilitation skills* in the clean processes being assessed.

The key skills required are to:
1. Provide clear instructions on the assessment activities and what is required of trainees.
2. Recognise when a trainee is demonstrating the criteria (and when they are demonstrating not meeting the criteria).
3. Know when a criterion has been demonstrated sufficiently/enough (or not).
4. Deliver respectful feedback (written and verbal) and an ongoing assessment in a supportive style that clearly specifies:
a. what has been demonstrated
b. what still needs to be demonstrated to meet the criteria.
5. Recognise when feedback has (and has not) been implemented.
6. Weigh up all the evidence and, in discussion with at least one other assessor, come to a final assessment of overall competency based on that evidence.
7. Deliver the final assessment in a way that supports the development of the trainee (and as required responds to trainee objections and concerns).

* e.g. the as-yet-unspecified Level II Clean Facilitator competency criteria.

v.6    02 Apr 2015 (added prerequisite for demonstration of high-level facilitation skills)
v.5    23 Jun 2013 (tidied up wording of criteria 6 & 7 and added more examples to 4, 6 & 7 )
v.4    16 Aug 2010 (amended criterion 4)
v.3    14 Aug 2010 (expanded number of criterion from 5 to 7)
v.2    29 Apr 2009 (wording tided up)
v.1    27 Apr 2009 (devised by Lawley, Sullivan, Swallow, Tompkins

Clean Facilitator Assessors

There are now 11 'clean facilitator assessors' who have agreed to use the same competency criteria and a similar assessment process.

The original self-appointed 'Gang of Four' assessors ran the first Clean Change Company certification on 18 & 19 January 2007:
James Lawley
Wendy Sullivan
Phil Swallow (UK & France)
Penny Tompkins
Four more assessors were born during an Assess the Assessor event organised by the original Gang of 4 (30 Apr & 1 May 2009):
Annemiek van Helsdingen (Netherlands)
Maaike Nooitgedagt (Netherlands)
Judy Rees (UK)
Marian Way (UK)
A ninth was added after an apprenticeship/shadowing process with Wendy and James (14 & 15 Aug 2010):
Margaret Meyer (UK)
The tenth assessor graduated after a combination of remote/shadowing process with Marion and James (February - July 2011):
Sharon Small (USA)
An eleventh joined the group after an apprenticeship/shadowing process with Wendy and James (21 & 22 June 2013):
Greta Irving (UK)
We now have a dozen recognised assesors after an apprenticeship/shadowing process with Wendy and James (21 October 2016):
Paul Field (UK)
And currently, part way through their apprenticeship are:
Yoriko (Deshana) Matsuda (Japan)
Daso Saito (Japan)
Caitlin Walker (UK)

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